Design Studio

"Children's World"

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Paldiski Design Studio was started in 1995 year. Children study drawing, painting, composition, plastic, computer graphic, and the history of art. The chief parts of the compositions are collective works, a method directed by Olga Shehereva. Children are creating and painting together focused on a general theme that the children attach meaning to. They have one big paper, which lays on the table and the children sit-down around it. They have different characters, moods, ages, dispositions, and most importantly, a different perception of the world.

It is very important to decide where am I and where are WE not only in this collective work, but also in the life. The paper area gradually is filled by different forms and colors. When the entire paper is full, children create the small details. They try listening not only themselves, but also other children at the same time. The teacher acts much like a conductor, as they help create the harmony among the artists by helping with composition, color, and other aspects of the artistic process. These pictures have sun energy and light.